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The Ready to Implement assessment is a critical first step in your journey toward readiness – we are excited you are here!

If you are taking this assessment, it means that you and/or your program is considering trying something new or making a change. This assessment is a helpful reflection tool – it can be used to think about new or existing practices you may want to refine or improve. Are you ready?

The social and emotional learning programs and practices readiness assessment is comprised of four modules:

Strong Program Operations – This module assesses the strength of your program’s operations as a foundation for implementing new practices or making changes to existing ones.

Staff Well-Being, Beliefs, and Skills – This module assesses staff perspectives and overall well-being as a key element of your program’s overall readiness.

Engaged and Informed Stakeholders – This module examines how your program ensures young people and their families are engaged and informed.

Intentional Practices that Support Social and Emotional Learning – Whereas the first three modules focused on program practices generally, this module examines your approach to social and emotional learning programs and practices, specifically.


Please select which of these modules you would like to include in the readiness assessment: [Check all the apply]